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Sequin’s Hiring Manifesto: “Pipeline Issues” cannot be an excuse.

We're building our team to join us in revolutionizing women's finances.

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208 Years Until Gender Equality: Let’s Go Faster.

We were stunned by the findings of Equality Can’t Wait: that gender equality is 208 years away.

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Introducing Sequin University

Is it a credit card’s job to teach you about credit? At Sequin, we believe it is.

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Credit Card Rejection Letters: Demystified

We unpack three rejection letters, what they mean, and advice for what to do next.

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Your Credit Score and What To Know As a Woman.

We know that there are so many costs to being a woman. Credit shouldn't be one of them.

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End to end: How does a credit card work?

What goes on behind the scenes when you apply for, swipe, and pay your bill on your credit card.

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Tackling the Gender Credit Gap

Without a solid financial education, a knowledge gap disadvantages women in equitable access to credit.

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Sequin’s Top Credit Tips for Women

There are plenty of credit card blogs out there — consider this your single source of (simple) truth.

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Why I’m Building Sequin: The Credit Card that Pays Back the Pink Tax

As women, we’re fighting the gender pay gap and rethinking a world designed for the default male - but what about the gender credit score gap?

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