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Anu Parvatiyar, Cofounder & CEO at Ananya Health
Anu Parvatiyar
CEO & Co-Founder

Ananya Health is building a medical device to freeze abnormal cells before they become cervical cancer. Our battery-powered device makes the procedure 10 times cheaper and portable enough to reach the 80% of clinics that currently do not have access to cryoablation.

Cervical cancer is 99% preventable. We have vaccines to prevent it + proven technologies to screen for and treat it early and yet it’s the fourth largest cancer killer of women in the world. It's also largely a disease of access - 90% of cases and deaths are happening in developing countries. The biggest barrier is the lack of appropriate technology and we believe that women shouldn't have to die of a preventable cancer, no matter where they are. Ananya Health encourages and enables routine screening and treatment that can prevent cervical cancer!

Starting a company is hard! It's hard on an entrepreneur emotionally, intellectually, and financially. I am grateful that I've had some time and other work experience to build my financial confidence; I don't think a younger version of myself had enough confidence to start a company!

Your finances will be cyclical -- some periods of your career will be more prosperous and stable than others. Plan for it, and when it happens, remember that there are lessons to learn in the harder times too!

Rewrite women’s credit history with us.

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