Sequin's Rewards Partners are fighting the Pink Tax.

Sequin Rewards Partners are women founded & focused companies committed to paying back the hidden costs to being a woman.

What is the Pink Tax?

Women pay more than men 42% of the time for everyday products and services. Studies find that women make 80 cents compared to a man’s dollar, with women of color earning even less than that. Reports also found that more than two thirds of people with student debt are women.

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The Pink Tax does not only apply to care and luxury products, but it is also harmful to women’s overall financial goals, leading to higher mortgage amounts, interest rates, and more.

The financial challenges that women face:

Sequin logoThe Hidden Costs to Being a Woman…and How to Make Sure Credit Isn’t One of Them.
  • Salary

    18% lower than men, on average.

  • Real Estate

    Higher mortgage rates (even though we’re more likely to pay back).

  • Caregiving

    More likely to take on caregiver responsibilities to children / elderly.

  • Health Care

    33% higher health care costs than men over lifetime.

  • Student Debt

    Graduate with 15% more student debt than men.

  • Retirement

    Live longer on average, requiring more capital 80% of the time

  • Pink Tax

    Pay more for everyday products and services 42% of the time

  • Credit Score

    Receive lower credit lines due to a lack of credit history, artificially lowering credit worthiness.

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