Credit Beyond Credit Cards: Mortgages, Auto Loans, and More

Learn how to level up your credit game throughout your life from mortgages to auto loans and more.

Video breakdown:

  1. What does credit mean to Sequin Women? (6:46 - 10:38)
  2. What areas of life does credit impact? (11:30 - 17:34)
  3. How do you manage your credit holistically? (17:50 - 24:58)
  4. What are Sequin's hot mortgage tips? (25:05 - 35:07)
  5. What are Sequin's hot auto loans tips? (35:07 - 51:50)
  6. How do you manage credit in a relationship? (51:50 - 59:09)

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Rewrite women’s credit history with us.

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Increase in credit score is dependent on on-time payment behavior and not guaranteed. Credit score is impacted by many factors and a Stilt loan is one of them. Stilt reports credit to Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

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