Reimagining the credit card for the modern, empowered woman.

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Credit cards were designed for men.
We made this one for you. 

"Women were only granted the right to a credit card 45 years ago."


"In the '70s, Hillary Clinton was denied a credit card and told to use her husband's instead."


"There is a gender credit gap: being a woman hurts your credit score." 

Pocket the Pink Tax. 

Women pay more than men 42% of the time for everyday products and services. 


Sequin gives you cash back on pink tax items like beauty and retail products, and discounts on female-founded companies.

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Sequin reflects you.

The first credit card designed with you in mind.

Our mirror card reflects you (literally!) — and the benefits reflect you inside and out.

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By Women, for Women. 

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Level up your finances through financial literacy workshops designed with women in mind. 

Unleash the power of  good credit.   

Debit is not enough.

Using a debit card does not build your credit history.


Build credit early and responsibly with a credit card like Sequin to access better rates on everything from a phone, car, or home.

Shop safer.


A cyber attack on your debit card could drain your entire account. 


Shopping with a credit card like Sequin grants you greater fraud protection than a debit card in case something goes wrong. 

"After I was rejected from a popular credit card that I launched, I built Sequin to make credit more approachable for women like me." 


- Vrinda Gupta, Founder & CEO of Sequin

Sequin’s founder, Vrinda Gupta, was working in her dream job at an industry leading credit card company when she was rejected from the very credit card she launched. Determined to demystify the credit card, Vrinda embarked on a mission to make credit more approachable for women like her.


The Sequin credit card represents the fierce and feminine power of voting with your dollar while treating yourself ⏤ responsibly. 

Sequin welcomes all who identify with its mission. 


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"Sequin rewards my lifestyle effortlessly⏤ my credit card finally gets it."


"Sequin is clean and simple, but also has a pizzazz to it ⏤ it's you!"


"Sequin stands for empowering women and inclusivity ⏤ we need more of that in the world."

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