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designed with women in mind.

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Sequin Membership Includes

Education & GuidanceWoman holding Sequin Card
Money, Credit, Wealth Program®.
High-Interest BankingOverhead shot of woman's hands typing on laptop
3.56% APY* Checking & Visa® Debit Card.
Build Credit, Pay DebtSequin Cards arranged in a circle on blue background
Finances, in one place.

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The APYs and overdraft fees for other banks are provided by mybanktracker.com and are accurate as of October 2023.

By Women, For Women.



We pay 18% more than men in avoidable banking fees. No more "gotchas".

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We pay more daily. Access perks valued $500+ on self-care.

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We're more susceptible to financial control and abuse. Step into financial freedom.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sequin offering me 3.56% APY* on my checking account balance?

Most traditional checking accounts don't earn you any interest on the funds you keep with them. However, your traditional bank is earning interest on your balance - they're just pocketing it (in addition to charging surprise fees like overdrafts and other penalties)!

The few checking accounts that earn minimal interest on checking come with "gotchas" in the fine print. They may require you to meet a minimum balance threshold, make a certain number of transactions, or receive a specified amount in direct deposits each month to earn any interest.

At Sequin, we believe in giving you what's yours. That's why we give you back all of the interest that we earn on your balance, with no "gotchas" or surprise fees.

What do "APY", "High-Interest", and "Checking" mean?

We've got you!

  • High-Interest: A fancy term for "higher-than-average" returns. With Sequin, you'll grow your money 51x faster than with your traditional bank.

  • APY: We calculate APY (Annual Percentage Yield) using the "daily balance method", which applies a daily percentage rate to your account balance. The daily percentage rate is calculated by dividing the interest rate by the actual number of days in the year (3.50%). Interest is compounded daily and credited to your account on a monthly basis. For example, Sequin's high-interest checking account earns you an APY of 3.56%. A balance of $25,000 would earn around $890 in interest over the course of a year, with interest being compounded daily!

  • Checking: Checking accounts are great for everyday transactions because your money is accessible, restriction free. Sequin offers a checking account that also earns high interest rates, giving you the convenience of a checking account with the added benefit of earning more interest (51x the national average).

Why does Sequin charge a Membership fee?

Sequin charges a Membership Fee to ensure that we earn your business because you appreciate our services and not through hidden fees and "gotchas."

  • Women pay 18% more on average than men in traditional banking fees, which equals $214/year!

Sequin Membership provides over 10x what you pay in value.

  • High-Interest Checking: 3.56% APY (51x the national average).
  • $1300 value in financial education workshops and tools that help build excellent credit scores, find the right credit card for you (not sponsored!), and save on brands like Rent the Runway and period products.
  • Personalized Coral Colored Sequin Rewards Visa® Debit Card (write your favorite motto or aspiration).
  • Access to a community of new financial besties who are serious about their finances.

To learn more about Sequin's pricing, go here.

How should I use Sequin’s High-Interest Checking Account?

At Sequin, we believe women in making every dollar women earn work for us. Connect your direct deposit once the account is opened or transfer any hard earned income that you want to grow - with no requirements to access it like transaction limits or minimum balance requirements.

You’re likely using your traditional checking account because it’s convenient to access your money for everyday spending with a debit card - and traditional banks have you make that tradeoff between earning interest and having your money accessible, requirement free.

Sequin’s High-Interest Checking Account has it all - a high-interest rate so every dollar you make grows and a personalized color-colored Sequin Rewards Visa® Debit Card so your money is always accessible, with no fine print requirements or gotchas.

How does Sequin help me build my credit?

Sequin's credit building tools focus on the most important factors in reaching the 800+ credit score club like paying off credit card debt, managing credit utilization, and finding the right credit card for your lifestyle (not sponsored!). Sequin Members have experienced a 20 point credit score increase in just one week, on average.

Note: The Sequin Rewards Visa® Debit Card does not build credit.

How can I personalize my Sequin Rewards Visa® Debit Card?

We'll ask for your personalization during your Sequin Checking Account opening. You can customize that line up to 21 characters, which will show up on the front of the card. We recommend an affirmation, motto, or another phrase that sparks joy.

Why the name "Sequin"?

Sequins were a Venetian gold currency until, over time, the reflective metals became decorative accents. The word "Sikka" still means currency in many Arabic languages today. Our team felt the name represented the powerful history of financial tools while paying homage to the women Sequin is serving.

Why is the Sequin Rewards Card coral-colored?

As a Sequin community, we questioned why most cards are black and blue - short answer: they represent the patriarchy and who the financial system was designed for (women could be rejected from bank accounts and credit cards until 1974!). Our Sequin community voted for coral, as an inclusive shade that looks good on every skin tone - instead representing diversity and inclusivity.

I have questions and/or suggestions!

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at support@sequincard.com. We frequently poll and interview our community members to build banking features that will be most relevant to your goals!