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Sequin — 2023 Wrapped: A note from Sequin’s CEO, Vrinda Gupta 🎁

January 1, 2024

Headshot of Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta

Sequin CEO & Co-Founder | Women's Finance Expert | Visa Alum

2023 was an eventful and exciting year to commemorate! Here are some of our 2023 highlights:

  1. I was honored to be invited back to the historic New York Stock Exchange as an Inspiring FinTech Female by NYC Fintech Women!

Vrinda Gupta standing at the New York Stock Exchange with a Sequin Visa® Debit Card in her hand.

  1. We saw our first Sequin Visa® Debit Cards in the wild and personalized with money mantras like “Who Run the World”, “Financially Free”, and one of my favorites, "Hot Rich Girl." 🔥

Young woman holding up the orange Sequin Visa® Debit Card, with writing on the card being "Who Run the World" Two young women holding up an orange Sequin Visa® Debit Card with writing on the card saying "Protect the Vibes"

  1. We had multiple viral TikTok videos (almost 1M views) and were featured in Forbes, “How The Future Of TikTok May Impact A Generation's Financial Literacy” written by the incredible Nicole Casperson. Our TikTok @sequinclub got verified! Follow along if you haven’t already.

A screenshot of Sequin's Tiktok profile with a video circled in red that has 941.3K views

  1. We launched Sequin High-Interest Checking and helped countless women grow every dollar that’s not already working hard in a HYSA or investments.

A dashboard of a financial app that shows $33,994.93 in balance and $391+ in interest earned.

  1. I was invited back to Her First $100K's Financial Feminist Podcast - the #1 Business Podcast in the World - go Tori Dunlap! - to demystify "What Banks Don’t Want You to Know".

A picture of Vrinda Gupta on a purple background, announcing an episode of Financial Feminist, named "What Banks Don't Want You to Know".

  1. I was awarded FinTech Magazine's, “Top 10 Women to Watch in Fintech for 2023.”

  2. Team Sequin jammed on community-voted features like Credit Utilization Alerts, Credit Card Debt Payoff Plans, and Buckets (coming soon!) - all requested by our Sequin Members after hundreds of hours of feedback sessions. Watch the full video here!

  3. We moved our Sequin Headquarters to StartupHQ in San Francisco (please visit us if you’re in SF!)

A room with exposed brick, a desk with a computer, and a window with a view of another building.

  1. Sequin was featured by Provenir as one of “Ten Fintechs/Finservs Supporting Women - or Being Led by Them”.

  2. I was named one of StartupBeat’s 2023 15 Fintech Founders to Watch!

An article published by StartupBeat about Vrinda Gupta and Sequin

Coming in 2024: Sequin’s Money Credit Wealth Program® and Financial Vision Boarding & Goal Setting Workshops (attendees have already experienced an average 50% increase in financial confidence!). Stay Tuned! 🚀

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