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Jenniferre Mancillas and Anthony-Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, Co-founders and COO and CEO
Jennifferre Mancillas
COO & Co-Founder

Adni ensures all healthcare professionals and students have access to the gear and resources they need to excel at the bedside and beyond.

Adni is committed to supporting the wellness of healthcare professionals and we've partnered with dozens of amazing brands that improve healthcare pros access to mental, physical, financial, and emotional wellness resources.

My co-founder and I are nurses and we have both experienced the frustration of how healthcare professionals lack access to the tools and resources we need to excel in our profession.

As healthcare professionals we often place a high value on physical wellness but so much can be said about also prioritizing your financial wellness. Having confidence in where you are financially provides you peace of mind and improves your overall wellbeing as a person and healthcare professional.