ElizabethRuzzoCEO - Elizabeth Ruzzo
Dr. Elizabeth Ruzzo
CEO and Founder

adyn has created the first test designed to prevent birth control side effects.

The Birth Control Test analyzes your genetic and hormone data to match you with the ideal birth control for your unique biology.

The way birth control is currently prescribed is inconsistent and unscientific, leading to 52% of women trying four or more methods. Selecting from the nearly 200 prescription birth control options in the US often means a painful process of trial-and-error.

The Birth Control Test provides personalized recommendations which you can review with a licensed medical provider via a virtual care visit (they can even fulfill and ship a birth control prescription straight to your door).

adyn is on a mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive. The Birth Control Test revolutionizes the contraceptive counseling experience and introduces a new standard of care. Our work (fueled by our precision medicine research) focuses on delivering medically actionable insights while closing existing research gaps created by decades of inequity in medical research and healthcare.