Alinea Invest

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Alinea Invest
Anam Lakhani & Eve Halimi
Co-CEOs & Co-Founders

With Alinea, you can work towards financial freedom by investing in what you believe in - whether that's clean energy, blockchain or women-led companies. Financial wellness is one of the biggest forms of self-care and with Alinea we make that easy and routine.

At Alinea (which means something new) we’re changing the way our generation invests. With Alinea, we want you to invest responsibly in ideas, values and companies they believe in for the long-term. We focus on Stacks (bundles of stocks) which are diversified -- you can think of them as playlists for investing!

By promoting investing for yourself and for a better world. On the Alinea app you can invest in clean energy and in beauty stacks created by the community. We make it super easy for you to invest with beliefs and grow your wealth over time. Because wealth building habits are also health building habits!

Seeing all my guy friends invest and make a ton of money while none of my girlfriends in school knew anything about investing basics.

Financial wellness is the key to living an easier and more stress free life and financial confidence is so key in having choices and the freedom to truly do what we want with our time.

Start investing early! Get a credit card early!