Anada Lakhra, Co-Founder and CEO, BoldVoice
Anada Larka
CEO & Co-Founder

BoldVoice is a speech and accent coaching app that empowers non-native English speakers to speak clearly and confidently, so they can advance their careers. Users get short videos from Hollywood accent coaches and immediate feedback on their speech. Taking time to develop confidence in your own voice, and to not be afraid to speak up, is an act of self-care.

As an immigrant who moved to the US for college, I experienced myself the gap between knowing English on paper and speaking it fluently and confidently. This is an almost universal immigrant experience, which can have unfortunate repercussions when it comes to confidence and career advancement. With BoldVoice, my goal is to help even the playing field and empower non-native speakers to feel as confident speaking in English as in their native language.