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Good Eggs founder headshot - Michelle Razavi
Michelle Razavi
CEO & Founder

ELAVI is a women-owned, LA-based wellness company delivering powerful superfoods designed to promote longevity and recovery.

ELAVI delivers uncompromised nutrition that is both convenient and decadent. They have a line of collagen-boosted protein bars and colorful, plant-based nut butter packs enhanced with vibrant superfoods. Their mission is to promote wellness, resilience, and longevity - whether it's supporting breastfeeding moms, busy entrepreneurs, hungry grad students, or active professionals struggling to nourish their bodies on the go - their goal is to help you feel nourished and unstoppable.

We exist to elevate on-the-go nutrition so that we can empower healthy aging and fuel our bodies without inflammation. Because food is medicine, food is fuel - responsible for how you feel, how long you live, and how you perform. And the best, most empowered lives start with how we fuel our bodies.