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Chris Wang, Founder & CEO
Christal Wang
CEO & Co-Founder

Shimmer is a cozy, online space that offers small group video support sessions. Our mission is to help everyone feel seen and heard by providing them with human connection :)

We are a mental health & wellbeing platform that connects individuals with others to have deeper, more meaningful conversations. We also offer product features focused on wellness like journaling (with a focus on gratitude!), goal tracking, and forums where you can ask and give advice to each other. We've seen too many of our friends and family members (and ourselves!) neglect their mental health and slide into darker places just because they did not having the social support to tackle what was in front of them. Oftentimes, all we need is a caring ear and kind voice to say "it's okay, I'm here with you.". We believe that every human deserves that, and that's what we're trying to build at Shimmer.

At Shimmer, we strive to build emotional resilience in our members. One important aspect of emotional resilience is having strong protective factors as a foundation. Protective factors include things like social support, coping skills, physical health, self esteem, etc. Financial confidence, amongst other factors drives many of those protective factors, particularly self esteem!

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** $1440 total value is based on average American spend. Actual total value may vary.

Sequin Rewards Cards are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.

If the cumulative rewards paid to an individual in one calendar year exceed $599, then Form W-9 may be required to be completed prior to funds disbursement. You are responsible for any applicable federal, state, or local taxes associated with receiving the bonus offer; consult your tax advisor to determine applicable tax consequences.

Sequin is not a Bank. Sequin Rewards Cards are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust pursuant to a license from Visa. Rewards are not offered by Evolve Bank & Trust and are instead offered and managed by Sequin.

Stilt Inc. is the lender for all credit products available through Sequin. All lines of credit loans and rate terms are subject to eligibility restrictions including application review, loan amount, loan term, and lender approval. Eligibility for a loan is not guaranteed. NMLS #1641523, list of state licenses

Increase in credit score is dependent on on-time payment behavior and not guaranteed. Credit score is impacted by many factors and a Stilt loan is one of them. Stilt reports credit to Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

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