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Chris Wang, Founder & CEO
Christal Wang
CEO & Co-Founder

Shimmer is the world's most affordable ADHD coaching solution. Our mission is for every person with ADHD to reach their potential, their way.

Members pay a monthly subscription fee to get matched with an expert ADHD coach, meet weekly to exercise their personalized weekly plan, and track their progress in the app.

Our care team, led by Dr. Anil Chacko & Xenia Angevin, designed a brand new integrative bite-sized coaching methodology which is sublimely attuned to the needs of the population with ADHD. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Shimmer coaching is artfully mixed from the best evidence-based strategies used in health coaching, performance coaching, positive psychology and cognitive and behavioral approaches. Shimmer’s culturally-inclusive approach is rooted in the idea of personal values put into practice to empower living authentically and mindfully. The approach is extremely bespoke and designed to fit into the member’s unique life.

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