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Allie Egan
Founder and CEO

Veracity is a beauty and wellness platform rooted in hormone health – offering at-home hormone testing, skincare, and supplements to help women look and feel their best.

Veracity brings the power of a world-class integrative medical team to help women discover and address their hormonal root cause. All products are formulated with clean ingredients, free from hormone disruptors and toxins – a health first approach with clinically backed results. Veracity skincare is safe for all life stages, including pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Veracity products are designed to create a healthy body and skin ecosystem with results that last.

Founder Allie Egan spent years searching for answers about her skin. Frustrated from trying to heal persistent facial eczema, her "aha moment" came only after experiencing infertility and getting her hormones tested. Four years without answers, she learned that she had an underactive thyroid—the root cause of both her infertility and skin issues. That’s why she founded Veracity: to give women the tools she didn’t have and the knowledge all women should have. A solution that uncovers root causes of issues, big and small, and puts women on a path to look and feel their best by caring for their personal health.